A Perfect Day at CocoCay

All major cruise lines offering Caribbean itineraries have developed private islands to create fun-filled beach days for their guests. While each experience represents a great day at the beach, one island now stands far above the others.

A Perfect Day at CocoCay2019-08-27T08:53:10-04:00

Tips for New Cruisers

If you are planning a cruise in 2018, you’re not alone. Some 28 million people will board cruise ships this year, including many first-time cruisers. Modern cruise ships come in all sizes and provide excellent value and varied vacation experiences on hundreds of itineraries.

Tips for New Cruisers2018-03-21T13:41:44-04:00

My Favorite Cruise Line

When people ask me about my favorite cruise line or favorite ship, I usually give them a short answer: “It depends.”It depends upon several factors including the itinerary, my fellow travelers, my cruise objective and the accommodations I personally desire. In other words, several ships and cruise lines ...

My Favorite Cruise Line2017-04-20T14:37:12-04:00
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