Travels with Bob

Leisure Travel Resolutions

Here we are already well into the new year and many of our well-intentioned resolutions – our desires to change or to do better – are already forgotten or at least relegated to the back burner. Perhaps New Year’s Eve may not be the ideal time to identify ways to make our lives more complete or fulfilling.


Leisure travel offers endless possibilities for richer lives.

Yet, don’t most of us desire to be more productive, to have more fun in life and to enrich ourselves through personal growth experiences? I certainly do and those objectives may be easier to accomplish than dropping 15 pounds before swimsuit season.

I am suggesting that our lives can be dramatically enriched by creating a list of resolutions focused on leisure travel objectives to be accomplished over several years. While such lists will vary from person to person, your travel resolutions might include a few of the following examples:

  • Resolve to create your “bucket list” – places to visit or experiences to enjoy while you still can. Put it on paper where you see it frequently and you will benefit.
  • Resolve to visit at least one new country every year – on your bucket list or not.
  • Resolve to create family memories by sharing international travel with your children and grandchildren.
  • Resolve to take a vacation every year – it will make you more productive and broaden your view of the world and your vocation.
  • Resolve to travel with close friends—shared memories strengthen relationships.
  • Resolve to discover your roots by tracing the paths of your ancestors.
  • Resolve to rekindle your relationship with your life partner through a special vacation.

My list is by no means comprehensive, but simply my thoughts to jump start your list. Furthermore, you will more likely accomplish your leisure travel goals If you establish target dates to accomplish each resolution.

I recently read that people nearing life’s end commonly wish they had traveled more. Creating a list of leisure travel resolutions can help you avoid that regret while achieving a richer, more fulfilled life for yourself and those you love.